letters become words…..comma

words find sentences…….full stop

sentences are food  thoughts breathing space …..question mark

finding support comes later in the book paragraph verbs

exscape enjoyment is in the reading………turn page

time alone  to spell escape …….in capital letters …..

About Corrie Wright

Corrie Wright is a Queensland based transdisciplinary visual artist who is passionate about visual communication. A transdisciplinary approach extracts any discipline needed for research and regards no discipline exempt. Corrie shares unique and distinct areas of expertise to scrutinise questions relating to more than one level of reality. Corrie’s work activates through experience and seeks to adapt to the times in which we are living. Investing her work in ‘experiences’ because they calculate shifting functions to incorporate change and process. Corrie’s goal is to work in different environments that allow artistic risks to test art methodologies. Working in a diversity of forms and processes to reflect a strong relational role for art.